We know that fresh, dynamic designs sell. Simple products with a logo drop or catch phrase are great, but an engaging design can be the difference between a "maybe" and a "SOLD!" Designs and design methods can (and do) change dramatically, depending on the genre, demographic, and purpose of your merchandise. Our team has worked with more bands, organizations, record labels, management companies, and event planners than you can imagine. It is the experience, creativity, and personal attention our team brings to the table that our clients appreciate the most.

We can cater to any merch needs you may have. That is our promise! Please see below for the unparalleled types of services we provide.


We bring your brand to life with thousands of available products from the industry’s most trusted suppliers. We can take you from concept to creation, seamlessly. All of our screen printing is performed in house, and never outsourced. Whether the job is big or small, we treat them all with the same quality care. With the ability to print up to 30K pieces per day, we can typically move faster than most in the industry. And our capabilities extend to multiple decorating techniques, from glow in the dark inks to rhinestones.

screen printing

We turn out the highest quality products in the industry and the reason is simple - we have control of our products from start to finish. We do not just design our products in-house, we print them here too. The majority of ALL merchandise companies sub-contract screen printing services. We are not one of those companies. We have a 30,000 shirt-per-day capacity here. Why is that an advantage? Screen-printing is a true-blue art form and a company that subcontracts that service has NO CONTROL over the finished products they are delivering. Our world class art team works directly with our master screen printers to ensure that your design is displayed correctly on your merchandise - no exceptions.


A common problem in our industry is that design services are often outsourced to reduce overhead. FCI Music has full time graphic designers that specialize in music industry designs, genre-related art, and the latest design trends. One of the huge advantages to having our own art department is the symbiotic relationship we have with our in-house screen-printing team. Every order must receive our production artists' stamp of approval before printing. It is the subtle tweaks and fine-tuning at the end of the process that make our final products unmatched in the industry.


FCI Music can fix your stitch. Whether you are looking for simple textile embroidery or you are breaking out the "big guns" with advanced embroidery techniques, we got you covered. Looking for a truly unique, custom hat for your merch display? FCI Music has access to every major head wear manufacturer in the world, including our partner plants overseas. Bottom line? There is no stitch-count too high, no pattern too detailed, and no item too obscure for us to handle. We have some of the best pricing, service, and delivery for embroidered merchandise thanks to our overseas buying power and overseas connections.

Shipping & Fulfillment

FCI Music offers shipping and fulfillment services to clients and touring artists utilizing eCommerce services. Thanks to our team of in-house logistics experts, we are able to accommodate even the highest volume clients with 99.9% accuracy. We can design, produce, stock, bundle, blind drop-ship, package, ground ship, air ship, or freight ship any configuration imaginable. Are you leaving Detroit for Chicago and need a pallet of custom printed tee shirts shipped to your next venue? No problem. We will take care of it. Does a new fan club member need a welcome bundle shipped to California? No worries. We got this. Did your tour bus just pull up in our parking lot because you need more buttons and stickers for your show in Atlanta? Go relax in the back lounge, we got this handled too.

folding & poly-bagging

No one likes folding clothes. That is why we can fold and poly-bag your apparel for distribution. Just store your bagged items behind your merchandise table and pass them out as the sales fly in.

custom hangtags and tagging

Set yourself apart. We can design, print, cut, and attach custom hangtags that show YOUR brand and YOUR info. We can even attach barcodes if you need us to. We can also remove the manufacturer tags from your t-shirts and replace them with custom, imprinted tags on the inside of the shirt.

Print Packaging and Finishing

Need that custom cd case cover? Music video blu-ray box? We got you covered. With our in-house packaging and finishing, we can get that custom job done for you all in one place!